National Nacho Day


Yesterday one of my friends on facebook posted about it being Nacho Day on 11/6. She was disappointed she hadn’t known earlier as she likely would have planned some epic party to celebrate the glory of the nacho. I have to say I kind of agree. I also wish I would have known sooner as I would have made plans to consume plate after plate of crunchy, cheesy goodness. Sadly my evening is pretty packed.

Curiously, when I googled “International Nacho Day” I was surprised to find that it occurs on October 21 (WHICH, COINCIDENTALLY, IS A DAY BEFORE MY FAVORITE DAY, CAPSLOCK DAY). However, National Nacho day is celebrated on November 6. So, it appears that there are two days a year where one can honor the nacho.

I figured that since I was already googling nacho day, I might as well learn more about the history and origin of nachos. So, I looked at the Wikipedia page (because Wikipedia is by far, like totally, the most reliable resource on the internet) and quickly educated myself. Seeing as it was Wikipedia and all (and once you’re on one Wikipedia page you inevitably click into hundreds of others to learn more) I soon found myself reading about Hawaiian nachos (with Kalua pork and pineapple) and decided I needed to learn more about the pineapple. I had no idea you could make wall paper and furnishings from the leaves (as they do in the Philippines). The Philippines made me think of someone I know who recently visited so I decided to hop on facebook to see if they posted any pictures. They didn’t, but I saw someone post pictures of nachos, which brought me back to the realization that I sadly wouldn’t be having nachos on National Nacho Day.

I hope my awesome readers and followers have some nachos today and think of me while you do so!

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